Re: To submit or not to submit

From: Bustamam Harun (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 20:52:47 EDT

> In Arabic fonts I have been involved with, we have treated this as a Jawi
> glyph variant of gaf (U+06AF). This follows the practice established in
> Linotype's metal, photo and early digital Jawi fonts. In more recent,
> OpenType format fonts, we have provided the Jawi variant as an unencoded
> glyph, mapped to the regular gaf using the Localised Forms <loca> feature
> associated with the Malay language system. System support for language
> system-specific glyph substitution is still in development, but this model
> will eventually provide what you need.
> That said, I don't claim to know whether treating this letter as a glyph
> variant of U+06AF is the best approach, or whether it might be better
> handled as a distinct character.

Thanks for the response John. I've looked at "gaf", if I could replace the line with a dot it
would be perfect. You state that the support for glyph substitiution is in progress, do you know
the approximate time range that it would be available?


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