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From: John Hudson (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 21:13:22 EDT

At 17:21 5/7/2002, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

> > The missing character is called "ga" (attached). It looks like Kaf
> (06A9) with a dot on top.
>The intended letter for Jawi ga is:

The problem with this is that the Jawi ga, as far as I know, does not use
the isolated and final form based on lam with miniature swash kaf (first
row of attached GIF), but uses the 'zigzag' form for all four basic
presentation glyphs (second row). Linotype always treated the Jawi ga as a
variant of the gaf, with the dot replacing the stroke, and I've been
presuming Jawi encoding based on this. It doesn't really matter, since the
Unicode fonts we've built contain U+06AC as well as variant forms for
U+06AF, so either encoding is supported, but perhaps Bustamam can confirm
which isolated and final forms are preferred for writing Malay?

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