Re: Encoding of symbols, and a "lock"/"unlock" pre-proposal

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 03:30:34 EDT

At 16:39 -0700 2002-05-18, Doug Ewell wrote:

>I thought these cases were more like the stop sign than the
>square root sign, but I guess I didn't understand the policy correctly.

I wouldn't overestimate the comprehensiveness of any such policy if I
were you. Symbols don't fit neatly into categories.

>Anyway, as long as such characters are deemed appropriate for Unicode, I
>was wondering recently about the "lock" and "unlock" symbols,
>represented by a closed and open padlock respectively. These are often
>used, sometimes in text and sometimes on Web sites, to refer to secured
>or unsecured resources. They do not seem to be part of any active
>proposal. Is it worth putting one together?

I like 'em..... :-)

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