The yahoo echo of this Unicode list.

From: William Overington (
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 04:33:05 EDT

As it happens I often read the Unicode list from the web at the publicly
accessible yahoo groups web site that is mentioned on the Unicode website
under mail lists. Recently I saw an item there, about surrogates, to which
I chose to reply, yet found that the original posting had not appeared in my
email feed from the Unicode site. Having recently seen the item about
Fraktur Ligatures in the listing on the web site, I have decided that I
would like to reply to that posting, yet find that that too has not appeared
in my email feed from the Unicode site. So, although I have wondered
whether it is my email feed, I am now wondering whether some people have
actually joined the web based yahoo group and posted to it, without their
post ever going through the Unicode site, with the effect that their posting
is only being seen by those people who read the Unicode list on the web.
The relevant posts are numbers 12518 and 12555 in the yahoo groups list.

Is it the case that there are some people who are posting to the yahoo echo
of the Unicode list and maybe wondering why they get no response, when the
truth is that perhaps none of the main participants of the Unicode list ever
look at the yahoo echo?

Here is the chance for a recruitment drive to the Unicode list! People who
are reading this list on the web might like to know that if one goes to one can find out how to join the mail list so that
one can then post directly to and have the post emailed
to everybody on the list. As the yahoo echo suppresses part of email
addresses, the address is what one gets from human processing the following
into an email address format.

unicode at unicode dot org

However, it is no use posting there unless one has registered as posts from
non-registered sources are not emailed out on the list. However, joining is
free, one sends a request to a specified email address, which is a different
email address to the one used to send a posting out to the list.

Hopefully the Unicode list manager might like to look into this matter and
comment please. An item that would be helpful to be published is details as
to how someone can register and never receive email postings yet can still
post to the Unicode list: this would be very useful for someone who likes to
read the Unicode list from the yahoo groups website and have the facility to
post whenever he or she chooses, yet would have a problem if lots of emails
were to start to arrive at his or her email address.

William Overington

21 May 2002

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