Re: Encoding of symbols and a "lock"/"unlock" pre-proposal

Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 03:28:02 EDT

>Yes, I feel that it is worth putting forward a proposal for the open and
>closed padlock symbols...

>So, a suggestion, how about the following four symbols. I have added
>Private Use Area allocation suggestions... Readers who read my
>regarding the Private Use Area may perhaps observe that these present
>suggestions are within the range U+F300 through to U+F3FF

Either we are going to propose these be added to Unicode as non-PUA
characters, or we are not. If not, there is nothing more that needs
discussion with regard to possible codepoint allocation, I think. As for
PUA, many people have their own plans regarding U+F300..U+F3FF. For my own
part, my plans for U+F300..U+F3FF almost certainly do not involve padlock

- Peter

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