Re: Language name questions

From: Brano Kemen (
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 07:15:54 EDT

This is not just case with the word "English", but with almost all words in slavic languages, as the suffix (and prefix sometimes) changes based on usage. Here's link to an extended and a bit corrected table that
originally came from Petra, that shows how the word "slovenský jazyk/sloven?ina" (slovak language/slovak) changes in the different cases in slovak language.

>Then comes the interesting question: What do we mean when we write
>"English" in a language selection menu on a Web page. The possible
>meanings include:
>- "English language" -- "slovenský jazyk" / "sloven?tina"
>- "in English" -- "slovensky"
>- "English Web page" - "slovenský", "slovenská" or "slovenské",
> depending on the gender of "Web page".
>I would welcome comments from Petra and others.

Brano Kemen

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