UniCode website is confusing

From: Theodore H. Smith (delete@softhome.net)
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 08:08:33 EDT

I find the unicode website very confusing.

Is it that to get any useful non confusing information,
we have to buy your huge book? What with all the addendums, addendums
to addendums and addendums to addendums to addendums, crossings out,
etc etc. It becomes impossible to work out what you are really saying.

Why not just make one technical standard, like w3.org do for XML?

My problem is, I'm trying to w ork out how UTF8, and UTF16 are
encoded. I heard that UTF32 can have surrogate pairs! This is pretty
crazy I think because UTF can only encode 10FFFF (a nice number, comes
to 1114111 a nicer number) values. While 4 bytes can hold over 4
billion values. So whats the use of surrogates with UTF32?

I can't find this information. I have found addendums to addendums
that might or might not be the final answer, or the complete answer,
but I can't tell because its not all compiled into one standard

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