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From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 15:57:30 EDT

At 12:42 5/29/2002, Aki Inoue wrote:

>As John mentioned, we're working on to add the character space processing
>capability to the OS. In fact, Cocoa framework, one of the two primary
>APIs in Mac OS X, can already handle most of the combining marks pretty
>reasonably well without the help from AAT tables.
>Please note neither glyph space only nor character space only solution
>cannot fully embrace the flexibility of Unicode. It needs to be
>hybrid. By being glyph space only solution, you lose the character
>semantics defined in Unicode in typesetting. Whereas, by being character
>space only solution (meaning applying NFC before rendering), you cannot
>render arbitrary sequences of composed characters allowed by Unicode.

Yes, I am aware of that and, if you read back a couple of days on the OT
list, you will see that I made a distinction between handling of those
characters with canonical composition/decomposition in Unicode and the
display of arbitrary, unanticipated and unencoded diacritic combinations
that, obviously, require glyph space processing.

>As the Cocoa framework currently does, you could position combining
>characters without precomposition by just looking at the combining class
>for most cases. However, it's still desirable fonts to have positioning
>information for better typographical result since the font designers
>themselves know best about glyphs they're designing.


It sounds as if you understand that the current glyph space only
implementation for resolving canonical composition/decompotion is a
problem, and that you are are working on a solution. Thank you. My main
concern was that someone might think that this is a reasonable model for
handling this, and it wasn't immediately clear that Apple did not consider
this, in fact, to be an appropriate long term solution.

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