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From: Shigé Takeda (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 19:11:32 EDT

Although I'm not an expert of ASP, I've started suspecting HTMLencode
and found this:;EN-US;q259352

Not sure related, though...

Among many approaches to identify the source of problem, please try this

Use OLE DB instead of ODBC to do the same operation. If you
have a problem, it is likely to be an non-database connection layer
problem, such as HTMLencode.

If you don't have a problem, I recommend you switch to OLE DB.
There are some uncontrollable issues in MSDASQL bridge for
ADO/ODBC use. Some cases can be resolved by my previous
suggestions, but most won't due to the hidden character set conversions.

Shigé Takeda
Oracle Corporation
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Hi Takeda,

We did set nls_lang=UTF8, but still we have problem.
But does string function,server.HTMLencode work with Japanese charcters?

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Hi Malini,

You might have to set the "Force to return SQL_WCHAR" for ADO/ODBC

It would be best for you to set NLS_LANG to .UTF8 for ASP node.

Shigé Takeda
Oracle Corporation
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| Hi Peter,
| We use oracle drivers for ODBC on webserver which is IIS5.0.
| Once the data is inserted in database and when we fetch back and look for
| string length using ln() function in the ASP Page, it doesn't give us the
| right output. Eventhough the characters stored are three, it shows the
| string lenth as six. Also it doesn't work with mid(),split() functions.
| Thanks in advance,
| Malini.
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| Malini,
| There is no difference between Oracle on NT and Oracle on Solaris as far
| database character encoding support is concerned. It would be interesting
| to know more about your scenario such as where the string manipulation
| functions
| are being called etc.
| For more information take a look at the "Building Multilingual.." paper on
| the
| following site:
| Regards,
| Peter
| On Wed, 29 May 2002, Amruthavakkula, Malini (CORP,Consultant) wrote:
| > Hi All,
| >
| >
| > we are in the process of launching a website in Japanese. We are using
| > charset in all our ASP pages to shift-jis.
| > Data insertion and retrieval goes fine, but the regular string function
| are
| > not giving proper results with the data inserted in database.
| > We use oracle8i with charset = utf-8. Also server.HTMLencode doesn't
| > Our database is running on Solaris.
| >
| > Does it make any difference whether the database is on NT or Solaris.
| >
| > Any experience with this kind of set up for website, pls. reply back,
| > looking forward for more suggestions.
| >
| > Thanks
| >

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