Re: Unicode and the digital divide. (derives from Re: Towards some more Private Use Area code points for ligatures.)

Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 21:47:26 EDT

On 05/31/2002 04:45:00 AM "William Overington" wrote:

>This discussion seems to be related to the digital divide.
>Suppose that someone has access to a PC which has Windows 95 or Windows 98
>and has Microsoft Word 97 installed. The person wishes to produce a print
>out of a transcription of a piece of text from an 18th Century English
>by keying in a copy of the text and then printing it out. The person
>that the text has a ct ligature in it. How does the person produce the
>desired finished result?

>I feel that the Unicode system should be available for all, not just for
>people who are on the money side of the digital divide.

>If indeed the existence of a list of private use
>area code points for ligatures in some way causes some problem of which I
>yet to be aware, I will take such action as I feel is both reasonable and
>within my abilities to avoid those problems being caused.

>A problem for which I am trying to find a solution is as to how someone
>only everyday PC type facilities can obtain software which can set the
>individual parameters of the pHYs chunk of a PNG file, so as to indicate a
>non-square pixel. This is needed so as to satisfy section 15.1.1 of the
>DVB-MHP (Digital Video Broadcasting - Multimedia Home Platform)...

None of what you discuss (to the extent that I grasped it -- I did not take
the time to read yet another of your long postings word for word) seems to
me to have anything to do with what I have heard referred to as the digital

- Peter

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