RE: Character identities

From: Dominikus Scherkl (
Date: Fri Nov 01 2002 - 13:08:47 EST

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    > > Would it be possible to define the U+FE00 variant sequence for a
    > > two dots above it to be a with an e above it, and similarly U+FE00
    > > variant sequences for o with two dots above it and for u with two
    > > above it, and possibly for e with two dots above it as well?

    Even if it's possible - what would we gain?
    It is already possible to get the glyph you want by the
    sequence "a" (or "o" or "u") + "combining e above".
    Both must be done by the author of a text and cannot be done
    by a renderer or via selecting a proper font (while selecting
    a font may show "a" + "combining diaraesis" with whatever the
    font-desinger thought it should look like).

    I think the chars in question are very seldom even in german
    (I've almost never seen them except in logos or logo-like names,
    where eg. spell-checking is irrelevant - and even worse distortions
    of characters occure), so an athor may use them
    a) only in very few places or
    b) in the whole text as a gimmic

    For (a) they should be realy distinct from the umlauts
    (so use the combining e above) and
    (b) makes only sense in an formatted document, where additional
    information like the font to use is available anyway - so
    in such documents a different font for foreign words may be
    used or whatever is nessessary until the text looks as the
    author wishes it to. But this is not a matter of unicode.

    Best regards

    Dominikus Scherkl

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