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From: Edward H Trager (
Date: Tue Nov 05 2002 - 11:44:22 EST

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    Hi, Otto,

    Even though they are second and third options in your email response,
    are you sure you want to implicitly encourage someone to use CODEPAGES
    instead of UTF-8 on their web pages? This is not good advice, I fear.

    One of the biggest headaches I have is trying to read web pages written in
    certain code pages that don't appear correctly under various browsers on
    my non-Windows workstations (maybe it's a problem on Windows too, I just
    haven't checked) : if those pages had been in UTF-8, then very likely they
    would at least be readable.

    > - HTML:
    > There are several ways to include these characters in a Web page.
    > · Store your entire page in UTF-8, and make sure that the browser
    > will know about it,
    > cf. <>
    > · Store your entire page in a suitable standard codepage, cf.
    > <>, and make sure that
    > the browser will know about it. (However, apparently there is
    > no CP to comprise all of the characters you have mentioned).
    > · Store your page in some standard CP (as above), and enter the
    > particular problem characters as NCRs, cf.
    > <>. Marco
    > Cimarosti has given the respective numbers.
    > In any case, your reader will need a suitable font (as above) and
    > browser (cf. <
    > Best wishes,
    > Otto Stolz

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