Unicodes For Devanagari: Magic The Gathering Card

From: Victor G Campbell (victorgcs@att.net)
Date: Tue Nov 05 2002 - 23:24:43 EST

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    Unicode Community,

    I'm looking for help with converting the text of a Sanskrit trading card to
    Unicode. I am not connected with the publisher of the card, just a
    programmer who helps support a site for collectors.

    I have set up a test page for experimenting with the Devanagari Unicodes at
    this address: http://victor.flaminio.com/aa_MySanskrit.html

    I have read all the Devanagari documentation available at the unicode.org
    site. Though it has been very useful, I am stuck trying to find the right
    code point combinations for certain ligatures and syllables. I'm not even
    sure if the text of the card is all Devanagari! I would greatly appreciate
    any assistance with pointing me toward the right resources to help complete
    this small project.


    Victor Campbell
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

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