Re: ct, fj and blackletter ligatures

From: William Overington (
Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 05:27:32 EST

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    Peter Constable wrote as follows.

    >You'll probably come back to say, "But I was talking about 'ordinary
    >TrueType fonts'."

    No I won't. It's not my personality type to do so. Have a look at the
    Myers Briggs Type Indicator for personality type, the key message is that
    not everybody has the same personality type.

    I may argue a point if I consider it right to do so, but I do not argue
    something just for the sake of arguing or because of some notion of not
    being willing to lose face or something like that in accepting that I did
    not previously know something.

    I mean, that is pointless and is a waste of time. Anyway, it is not my
    nature to be like that.

    So, I did not know the correct situation and you have helped me by
    explaining more about it. Thank you.

    >If you insist on an invalid assumption, there's no way
    >to argue against it. It's like saying, "software with a character-mode UI
    >is not capable of displaying bitmap graphics" -- true, but irrelevant.

    But I won't, it's not my personality to so so.

    I genuinely did not understand and I am grateful to you for explaining the
    matter to me.

    >If you really want a dialog box to popup providing notification to the
    >user, I'm wondering how many times as the file is opened and a page is
    >rendered you'd like this popup to appear?

    Once. A notification in a dialogue box that the problem exists with a
    button to click for further detailed information as to which character or
    characters, how many times for each, and on which pages and lines.

    >17 times if there are 17
    >instances of < c, ZWJ, t > that are not rendered as a ct ligature?

    No, just the once.

    >Not on
    >my system, thank you.

    Certainly not!

    Thank you for explaining the matter about the TrueType fonts.

    William Overington

    7 November 2002

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