Re: A .notdef glyph

From: John Hudson (
Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 18:05:50 EST

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    At 12:57 11/7/2002, Michael Everson wrote:

    >Apple's LastResort font uses a rounded box for all of its glyphs, with
    >letters and other things inside them. The Last Resort .notdef glyph has a
    >number of backslash diagonals filling the interior of the rounded box.
    >Quite effective.

    I think the .notdef glyph in the conext of the Last Resort font serves a
    slightly different purpose, since it is not indicating only an absent glyph
    but an undefined character code. I agree that it is an effective design,
    cleverly combining the rounded frame convention established by the other
    glyphs in the font with the back-hatched fill convention familiar from the
    Unicode glyph charts to indicate a reserved or otherwise undefined codepoint.

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