Re: Lunate, Terminal, and Medial Sigma

From: Nick Nicholas (
Date: Sat Nov 09 2002 - 21:22:07 EST

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    But as Patrick knows, my piece on sigma
    ( presents what I at least
    think are good reasons to keep 'em separated.
    Dr Nick Nicholas. Unimelb, Aus.;
    "Electronic editors have to live in hope: hope that the long-awaited
    standards for encoding texts for the computer will arrive; hope that
    will be workable; hope that software will appear to handle these texts;
    hope that all the scholars of the world will have computers which can
    drive the software (which does not yet exist) to handle the texts (which
    have not yet been made) encoded in standard computer markup (which has
    yet been devised). To hope for all this requires a considerable belief
    the inevitability of progress and in the essential goodness of mankind."
                                                         (Peter M.W.

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