Re: Plane 1 maths fraktur in textual apparatus?

Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 08:49:11 EST

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    I've been pondering the very same issue as John, though with a little less
    focused attention.

    On 11/09/2002 11:57:18 AM jameskass wrote:

    >In the case you have offered, since these Fraktur letters are
    >used as variables (indicating sourcing in BHS), it shouldn't be
    >considered abuse, IMHO.

    The use of Fraktur in Greek and Hebrew apparatus is not as variables, which
    denote some particular attribute but have no specific value; they are
    symbols with specific meaning, more comparable to letters denoting units of
    measure. But, the Fraktur-ness is essential in their interpretation.


    1. Use a symbol font / PUA for all apparatus and text-annotation symbols
    (e.g. some texts use angle brackets that look like |_ and _| but are
    positioned in the lower corners of the em square). Cons: involves PUA
    codepoints, and interchange requires prior agreement -- would really need
    to seek agreement throughout Biblical studies community.

    2. Use regular Latin letters and a Fraktur face. Cons: need multiple fonts
    to work with Biblical texts (but may be true regardless), and plain-text
    interchange not possible.

    3. Use regular Latin letters; provide a single font with Fraktur glyphs as
    alternates. Cons: usefulness limited to certain software only, and
    plain-text interchange not possible.

    4. Use Fraktur math symbols. Cons: I can't think of any, though we'd still
    want to promote consensus among the Biblical studies community on using

    I think I could readily go along with John's suggestion (i.e. option 4).

    - Peter

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