Info: Apple OSX Font Tools Suite 1.0.0 Released

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 18:49:30 EST

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    Cupertino 11/8/02: Today the Apple Font Group released its new suite of
    Unix command line font tools for OSX.

    These can be downloaded free from
    The automatically installed 4.8 Mb package includes the tools, user
    documentation, and a 60-page tutorial.
    To use this package, you need to be running OSX 10.2. Everything is
    automatically configured by the installer. You just add fonts to taste.

    Working with text sources for many of the tables in an sfnt font
    structure is a powerful and efficient way to develop, debug and manage
    font sources. E.g. use ftxdumperfuser to solve cmap and postname
    glitches once and for all in .ttf, .otf and CFF format fonts.

    With this release, Apple has converted its text dump formats to XML and
    will be continuing to refine the XML formats in future releases.

    No previous experience of Unix is necessary as the 60-page tutorial
    takes you step-by-step through useful font editing proceses with an
    accompanying set of ready-worked live demo files.

    Applications in The Font Tool Suite are:

    * ftxanalyzer
    * ftxdiff
    * ftxdumperfuser
    * ftxenhancer
    * ftxinstalledfonts
    * ftxruler
    * ftxvalidator

    Documents included:

    * The Apple Font Tool Suite Manual (51 pages)
    * Tool Quick Reference (8 pages)

    * Tutorial (62 pages)
    * Tutorial Command Summary (8 pages)

    John H. Jenkins

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