Re: Speaking of Plane 1 characters...

Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 22:28:15 EST

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    Michael Kaplan wrote,

    > Glad you like it, John -- I am sure James Kass remembers when I put it up,


    John Cowan wrote,

    > The Right Thing in HTML terms is to say #&x10312; and *not* use the
    > surrogate pair representation.

    How about 𐌒 (or xF0,x90,x8C,x92) ?

    Tex Texin wrote,

    > Hmmm. I just reviewed Andrew's comment that he can get support for
    > surrogates via uniscribe on windows 9x.
    > I guess I have to think about extending this to include those systems. I
    > guess if I get confirmation (or disconfirmation) from John or other
    > Microsofties I will update the page accordingly.

    Got non-BMP working here on MSIE 5.0 on Win 98. Had to fix the Registry
    per the note on:

    (all on one line:)

    Best regards,

    James Kass.

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