Re: Double Byte Character Set (DBCS)

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 19:25:37 EST

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    >>-----Original Message-----
    >>We are now looking to expand the market for this product into
    >>countries such as China. To achieve this I have been informed
    >>we need to enable our application for Double Byte Character
    >>Set (DBCS).

    "DBCS" is an old, pre-Unicode term for character sets with Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters.

    >>This confuses me when I read of UNICODE. If the AS400
    >>supports UNICODE, and assuming DBCS & UNICODE are mutually
    >>exclusive, would it not make more sense to enable for UNICODE
    >>only from the outset?

    Yes, exactly. In that sense, Unicode support is a superset of "DBCS enablement". A Unicode-based
    application may have to convert between various charsets and Unicode on the edges, but all the
    support you need is provided internally by processing Unicode.

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