RE: UTF-16 vs UTF-32 (was IBM AIX 5 and GB18030

From: Carl W. Brown (
Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 10:18:36 EST

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    > > However, 16 bit characters were a hard enough sell in the good old
    > > days. If we had started out withug 2bit characters we would still be
    > > dreaming about Unicode.
    > I think Carl meant "with 32-bit characters." I don't know what kind of
    > word "withug" is (Old English?), but I like it.

    It is an abandoned 2 bit encoding scheme for Unicode that allowed you to
    write very compact text by reusing bits. The only problem was that it can
    only be written or read by 400 year old dyslexics. Its audience was very
    limited and never gained much popularity.


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