Re: Designing Vietnamese diacritics

From: Jim Allan (
Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 09:52:46 EST

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    John Hudson posted:

    > This style of y derives from blackletter types, and is
    > uncommon, so I don't expect this will be a 'live issue' for many people.
    > Mind you, I've seen fraktur Ethiopic, so why not Vietnamese?

    There are two blackletter Vietnamese non-Unicode fonts available at in the archive The fonts are those named VI Que Anh and VI Que Anh Hoa.

    In both cases the dot is placed below the descender on the y, but in
    neither does it appear clumsily placed.

    I would expect that in some fonts it might be possible and desireable to
    place the dot within the loop of the y.

    Jim Allan

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