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From: Jim Allan (
Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 14:19:49 EST

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    Carl W. Brown posted:

    > I seem to remember that just recently Morse code was dropped and is no
    > longer used officially. Braille is different.
    > Unicode does support dead scripts for scholarly use. Do you think that
    > there will be many scholarly texts that will be written in Morse code?

    Morse code is certainly being used less and is mostly phased out for
    maritime use. See for example and

    But it is not yet dead. See

    An ability to interpret Morse code at the rate of at least five words
    per minute is still a requirement for a Ham radio license.

    A number of Morse Code fonts are available from links found at along with many more "normal" fonts.

    Of course the chracters in such Morse Code fonts are simple cyphers for
    the Latin alphabet and there is no particular need for Unicode to code
    the characters directly as a separate script.

    Jim Allan

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