Re: Medieval Unicode Font Initiative

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 18:11:32 EST

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    At 17:52 -0500 2002-11-18, <> wrote:
    >I happened upon this:
    >Allocating PUA ranges, precomposed characters, ligatures, oh my.
    >But off-hand I assume they are headed towards the right direction:
    >> Unicode proposal in planning
    > > People working in the Unicode community have encouraged us to present an
    > > official proposal to Unicode for inclusion of characters needed for the
    > > transcription of medieval sources in the Latin alphabet. We are presently
    > > working on a proposal, and will publish any news on this project here.
    >Maybe the PUA use is just intended as a temporary measure?

    For some things, yes. For instance, a reference implementation for
    Blissymbols will be developed in the coming year, and PUA code
    positions will be used for this development. Fonts and inputting
    software will be altered subsequently if Blissymbols are accepted for
    encoding in the SMP.

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