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Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 16:51:28 EST

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    The song must have went Daditdadit, dadaditdah, not Dadit dadit,
    Dadit is "N". Daditdadit is "C". And Dadaditdah is "Q" CQ is the general
    ham call to invite anyone to speak to the caller.

    Or maybe it was Dadit<ZWJ>dadit with some poetic license for a musical
    rest. ;-)

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    > On 11/19/2002 09:19:40 AM Marco Cimarosti wrote:
    > >It can also be pronounced "dididah... dadidit..."
    > When I was a kid, my family had a 45 with a song called "CQ Serenade"
    > (I've no idea who the performer was, but it was recorded c. 1960). I think
    > our neighbor, who had a ham radio, gave it to us. The refrain went, "Dadit
    > dadit, dadaditdah. Dadit dadit, dadaditdah. What do you hear over the air?
    > The CQ Serenade." Same pronunciation.
    > - Peter
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