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Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 23:35:21 EST

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    On 11/19/2002 04:51:28 PM Tex Texin wrote:

    >The song must have went Daditdadit, dadaditdah, not Dadit dadit,
    >Dadit is "N". Daditdadit is "C". And Dadaditdah is "Q" CQ is the general
    >ham call to invite anyone to speak to the caller.

    Uh... Of course. I was just checking who was paying attention. (Must be 30
    years since I looked at Morse Code. ;-)

    >Or maybe it was Dadit<ZWJ>dadit with some poetic license for a musical
    >rest. ;-)

    Wouldn't that have to be Dadit<CGJ>dadit?

    - Peter

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