Quick ATSUI question

From: Theodore H. Smith (delete@softhome.net)
Date: Wed Nov 20 2002 - 13:07:26 EST

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    Hi list,

    I'd like to know which scheme turns out noticably faster. If neither is
    noticably faster, then thats good to know.

    1) Using ATSUCreateTextLayoutWithTextPtr, then disposing the object,
    and creating a new one for each paragraph. This means I have to reset
    line controls and layout controls for each object.

    2) Using ATSUCreateTextLayout, then setting the styles one by one using
    ATSUSetRunStyle? I will reuse the line controls and layout controls.

    Thanks for your answer. I'm guessing the answer will be "1", or "2", or
    "neither" :o). In other words, I don't need a detailed answer, but if
    the whim takes you then do so.

         Theodore H. Smith - Macintosh Consultant / Contractor.
         My website: <www.elfdata.com/>

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