Unicode Version 5.1 Beta Release

From: Rick McGowan (rick@unicode.org)
Date: Fri Nov 16 2007 - 18:44:33 CST

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    The next version of the Unicode Standard will be Version 5.1.0. The beta
    version of the documentation for Unicode 5.1.0 is located in:


    A page describing the beta release is located here:


    This version is planned for release in March 2008. A beta version of the
    5.1.0 Unicode Character Database files is also available for public
    comment. We strongly encourage implementers to download these files and
    test them with their programs, well before the end of the beta period. See
    the beta page for access to the files.

    Any comments on the beta Unicode 5.1.0, the UCD 5.1.0, or the 5.1.0 UAXes
    should be reported using the Unicode reporting form. The comment period
    ends January 28, 2008. All substantive comments must be received by that
    date for consideration at the next UTC meeting. Editorial comments (typos,
    etc) may be submitted after that date for consideration in the final
    editorial work.

    Note: All beta files may be updated, replaced, or superseded by other
    files at any time. The beta files will be discarded once Unicode 5.1.0 is
    final. It is inappropriate to cite these files as other than a work in

    The Unicode Consortium provides early access to updated versions of the
    data files and text to give reviewers and developers as much time as
    possible to ensure a problem-free adoption of version 5.1.0.

    The assignment of characters for Unicode 5.1.0 is now stable. There will
    be no further additions or modifications of code points.

    One of the main purposes of the beta review period, however, is to verify
    and correct the preliminary character property assignments in the Unicode
    Character Database. Reviewers should check for property changes to existing
    Unicode 5.0.0 characters, as well as the property values for the new
    Unicode 5.1.0 character additions.

    The beta review period is a good opportunity to add support for the new
    Unicode 5.1.0 characters in internal versions of software, so that software
    can be tested to verify that the new characters and property assignments
    don't cause problems when upgraded to Version 5.1.0 of Unicode. In
    particular, check carefully for any hard-coded range assumptions about
    Unified CJK Ideographs, because the end range for those has changed from
    U+9FBB to U+9FC3 in this version.

    However, because the Unicode Character Database files will be updated
    during the beta review period, before the final Version 5.1.0 is released,
    no products or implementations should be released based on the beta data
    files. For released products, use the final, approved Version 5.1.0 data
    files, expected in March, 2008.

    To facilitate the migration of products to the final release version of
    the Unicode Character Database files, dated, diffable XML versions of the
    Unicode Character Database will be made available, so that implementers can
    check the details of any changes that occurred during the beta review


    If you have comments for official consideration, please post them by
    submitting your comments through our feedback & reporting page:


    If you wish to discuss beta issues on the Unicode mail list, then please
    use the following link to subscribe (if necessary). Please be aware that
    discussion comments on the Unicode mail list are not automatically recorded
    as beta comments. You must use the reporting link above to generate
    comments for official consideration.


            Rick McGowan
            Unicode, Inc.

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