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From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2008 - 12:52:43 CST

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    David Sewell asked:

    > Is there a reason why the "Characters Under Investigation" table is so
    > out of date?


    The Pipeline table:

    and the Characters Under Investigation table and the Rejected
    Characters table were created some years ago by the UTC
    as a means of keeping track of the status of decisions about
    the acceptance or rejection of various characters, where the
    decisions were in process and not yet part of a released
    version of the standard.

    The Pipeline table itself has proven crucial to tracking
    that process, and has been scrupulously updated after
    every UTC and every WG2 meeting for some time now.

    The Rejected Characters table has been treated as a historical
    summary of some proposals that were rejected outright,
    but not all characters rejected for encoding end up in it --
    only the ones for which the UTC goes on record as wanting
    to note the decision in that table. So it is less complete --
    and for a good reason, as many of the characters rejected
    are only in process themselves, and may come back around
    in revised proposals whose disposition is different.
    The long history of the Malayalam chillu characters is a
    case in point.

    The Characters Under Investigation table, on the other hand,
    has been an orphan for some time now. It was originally
    conceived of as a place to note problematical proposed
    characters which had neither been accepted nor outright
    rejected, and for which the UTC decision had been to
    investigate these further until sufficient information is
    forthcoming to make a decision.

    The problem is that such a function has largely been
    overtaken now by the much more robust Public Review
    Issue process:

    which is actively maintained and is a part of every UTC
    meeting process now.

    Some UTC members have noted the vestigial function and out-of-date
    nature of the content of the Characters Under Investigation
    and Rejected Characters table, so there is some chance that
    in the future those pages will be modified or retired. But
    decisions about what goes onto those pages depends in large
    part on the UTC deciding to do something specific about them.


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