Re: Szekler Hungarian Rovas (or: Old Hungarian Runes)

From: Joó Ádám (
Date: Fri Oct 31 2008 - 02:56:31 CST

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    > Besides the historical ligatures, the proposal appears to me somewhat
    > more comprehensive than N3531, as it relates more to the very recent
    > activities of the user community regarding the character set, and
    > takes more into account that the script may be used boustrophedon
    > directionality (i.e. changing right-to-left and left-to-right every
    > line), by including the punctuation marks within its script block.

    Please explain in detail what do you mean on "recent activities".
    N3531 fully covers every practice being in use nowadays.
    Old Hungarian was never written in boustrophedon.

    > Regarding the Historical Ligatures: it is not clear to me (maybe I
    > have overlooked somewhat in the text of N3527) to which type they
    > belong:

    > Do the historical ligatures proposed in N3527 consistently in one of
    > this groups?

    They belong to the third group (like Latin U+FB06), no question. They
    carry no different meaning, however they differ from the original
    characters in a way that they cannot be considered merely an
    aesthetically more pleasing variant.

    It is also worth to be clarified that there was no prior character set
    encoded for Old Hungarian; Gábor Hosszú regularly refers to his home
    made _font_, which mapped Old Hungarian characters to Latin code
    points, using precomposed ligatures. Now he's trying to force his own
    font into the UCS, first ignoring any argument, now completely
    ignoring his opponents (and reality at all?)…

    Joó Ádám (Old Hungarian user)

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