A belated addendum to N3386 for your enjoyment

From: Leo Broukhis (leob@mailcom.com)
Date: Sat Sep 26 2009 - 00:22:59 CDT

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    Here - http://www.mailcom.com/besm6/ACPU-128.jpg - is a scan of the
    diagonal test of the Soviet line printer ACPU-128 showing the first 96
    characters out of 102 defined in GOST 10859 charset. The actual
    printout is a few weeks old (yes, there is still a working BESM-6 is
    Russia!); the print quality is just a little worse than I was used to
    20 years ago.

    - The subject of N3386 (lower 10 - decimal exponent symbol)
    - The dutifully reproduced, but useless, visible space
    - The lack of the question mark (its GOST code was 98)


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