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Date: Sat Jan 02 2010 - 11:21:57 CST

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    please note that in modern Korean it is usually unnecessary to
    ‘finalize’ a syllable in order to distinguish between initials and
    finals. The reason for this is, of course, their distribution: any
    consonant immediately followed by a vowel/medial is an initial: there
    are no initial consonant clusters. Any consonant not immediately
    followed by a vowel/medial is a final.
    Please also note for the above that the ‘zero’ initial ㅇ is just like
    any other initial that has to be input, and that ‘strong’ obstruents
    that are written like double consonants (‘geminates’) have their own key
    combination (SHIFT+‘weak’ obstruent) and count as simple initials.


    Ed Trager wrote:
    > Hi, again everyone!
    > Dreiheller, Albrecht wrote:
    >> I would use<Space><Backspace>.
    >> But I'm not Korean, so there might be a shorter way.
    > Yes, that's what I did too. But<Space><Backspace> is surely too
    > *slow* to be practical for really typing Korean, n-est-ce pas?
    > On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 3:11 PM, Charlie Ruland ☘<> wrote:
    >> For Hangeul I use Microsft’s “Korean Input System (IME 2002)”, and what I do to ‘finalize’ an open syllable followed by an initial consonant is press the ESC key. (I have no idea what the officially recommended key is.)
    > I did not think of the ESCAPE key. But ESCAPE also is not
    > conveniently located on the keyboard. So using ESCAPE also will be
    > relatively *slow*.
    > I asked the question because I am working on writing some input method
    > software ... Checking both Microsoft's and Apple's documentation on
    > Korean Input Methods, I don't find anything describing which
    > "official" key is to be used to "finalize" such syllables ...
    > - Ed

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