Re: Latin-script keyboard layout (was RE: Quick Question About Korean Input Methods)

From: David J. Perry (
Date: Sun Jan 03 2010 - 21:07:32 CST

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    Asmus wrote:

    > The lack of visual input is a definite drawback in designing keyboard
    > input for rarely used characters and by less than expert touch typists.

    I think deadkeys are just fine, but I completely agree about the drawbacks
    of having no visual feedback. I remember the first time I used a computer
    that did provide such feedback--it was delightful to know that I had in fact
    pressed the combination I meant to and that it was going to give me the
    diacritic I wanted.

    But let's not confuse two different issues. The fact that one commonly used
    operating system does not provide such feedback should not be used as an
    argument against deadkeys in general.

    If Mac OS X can provide visual feedback, why can't Windows? Anybody from
    Microsoft reading this thread? Windows 8??


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