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From: Karl Pentzlin (
Date: Mon Jan 04 2010 - 16:13:15 CST

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    Am Montag, 4. Januar 2010 um 03:51 schrieb Doug Ewell:

    >> The revision of ISO/IEC 9995-3 ...

    DE> How do I access this third level using a standard 101-key keyboard, if
    DE> the FDIS leaves the mechanism undefined but suggests a new key?

    The mechanisms are defined in another part of the standard, ISO/IEC 9995-2
    "Alphanumeric Section":

    >> 8.3.2 Level 3 select
    >> For keyboards with characters allocated at level 3, at least one
    >> key for the function Level 3 select (frequently
    >> marked "Alt Gr") shall be provided.

    AltGr, as you surely know, is found on many keyboards where the "Right
    Alt" is found on US keyboards. Thus, on US keyboards, the "Right Alt"
    is the first choice to employ this function (leaving the "Left Alt"
    for the pure "Alt" function).

    The "Group select" is dealt with in 8.3.3. The "dedicated key" is
    only one of the possibilities described there.

    In fact, a "Group select" is nothing else than a "dead key", only
    that the destination character can be any character (specified by the
    layout), rather than being restricted to precomposed character with a
    specific diacritical mark.
    This "dead key" can be a dedicated new key or any free AltGr combination
    on your US keyboard.

    (It also can be the key combination "Shift+AltGr", to be released
    before the next key pressing rather than to be pressed simultaneously;
    this is recommended but not prescribed in 9995-2 section 8.3.3.)

    Like for any "dead key", the subsequent key may be pressed with Shift
    or AltGr, independently of the key combination used for the "dead key"

    On the revision of ISO/IEC 9995-3, the 102nd key deliberately was used
    for the "compatibility junk". Thus, the revised Group 2 can be used to
    its full useful extent on an 101-key keyboard.

    - Karl

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