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Date: Sun Jan 10 2010 - 17:07:29 CST

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    > If so, how can you translitterate common foreign names like Strasbourg
    > ? S T / R A S / B U R ? i.e. with a vowel-less first syllable ? Isn't
    > there cases where these two "syllables" collapse into a single Hnagul
    > cluster (with multiple leading consonnants ?
    > Yes I know that it is actually translated as "스트라스부르" (SIOS EU / TIEUT
    > EU / RIEUL A / SIOS EU / PIEUP U / RIEUL EU, i.e. S Ə / T Ə / R A / S
    > Ə / P U / R Ə ) but this is a surprizing transliteration as it adds
    > "unnecesssary" EU vowels where they are not even needed, making it
    > look like if it was "Seterasepur" (with a non geminated 's' in the
    > middle).

    Any writing system that assumes the syllabic structure of a given
    language may be susceptible to this, no matter how phonemic it may be
    for that language. Try writing English "strengths" in Katakana and see
    what you get.

    I have yet to see a non-alphabetic writing system that is suitable for
    translating "any language."

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