Re: off-topic discussions

Date: Sun Jan 17 2010 - 05:42:51 CST

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    Because it's the subject line, and everyone knows that once you set a policy, subject lines can never, ever lie.



    From: philip chastney (
    Date: Sun Jan 17 2010 - 04:35:31 CST

    but how do you ensure that the subject line continues to reflect the drift in the content?


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    From: William J Poser <>
    Subject: Re: off-topic discussions
    Date: Sunday, 17 January, 2010, 5:31 PM

    An old but effective way of handling digressions is to change the subject
    header. The reader not interested in the digression can then easily
    skip messages that deal with it.

    Making use of subject headers has the additional virtue that it allows
    one to skip on-topic messages belonging to threads in which one is not
    interested. Not everyone on the list is interested in everything that
    falls within the scope of the list.


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