Re: [unicode] kJapaneseOn and kJapaneseKun Use What Romanization Standard?

Date: Sun Jan 24 2010 - 13:01:00 CST

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    It seems that different styles are mixed. I'm not sure
    Hepburn style is dominant or Kunrei style is dominant.

    * Kunrei style
    * Hepburn style

    For example, when you compare popular difference
    "SY" (Kunrei) vs "SH" (Hepburn), "SH" is dominant
    in Unihan.txt. On the other hand, when you compare
    "HU" (Kunrei) vs "FU" (Hepburn), the difference is
    not clear. I'm not sure if there is any rule.

    I think, the original data of kJapanese{On,Kun} is
    non-modernized style (for modernized style, see
    ) that have many different pronunciations between
    context level and character level. Giving kJapanese{On,Kun}
    data to some speech synthesizer, the result would be
    different of the pronunciation that the author of
    the original data expected.


    On Sun, 24 Jan 2010 12:59:13 -0500
    Ed Trager <> wrote:

    >Quick question:
    >What is the romanization system used for kJapaneseOn and kJapaneseKun
    >readings in the Unihan_Readings database?
    >I think that UAX#38 does not say ...
    >Best - Ed

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