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    "V. M. Kumaraswamy" wrote:

    >> I'm not sure what you mean here... What you call "Unicode" font
    >> is a font including the glyphs scanned from the book "Unicode
    >> Standard"?
    > What I mean is one of the font devloper has stolen GLYPHS of another font
    > which were available on the website and developed his font without taking
    > permission or even informing the owner of the font. This font was selling to
    > general public for an amount. People were buying this font for their use.
    > Now the developer who did the font, is giving it to public as free
    > fonts, saying that he developed the font. Now the developer publishes that
    > fonts are Uniocde fonts on developer website. Is this can be done ??
    > Unicode Consortium need to think about these kind of things that are
    > happenning. That is stealing of IPR of others.

    This is an altogether different line of argument from whether Unicode is
    a standard, or whether the Unicode Consortium standardizes fonts.

    If any font vendor who is a member of the Consortium had their IPR
    stolen, you can bet they will take appropriate corporate action. I find
    it hard to imagine that any of the Consortium companies did the

    Beyond that, this is not really a matter for the Consortium. A "Unicode
    font" is not one that contains glyphs taken from the Unicode site or
    from any vendor's font. The Consortium has stated this repeatedly, in
    the FAQ and elsewhere.

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