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    Pollution on this list has waxed and ebbed constantly over the years. When it has taken Eerie proportions, things have usually gotten sorted out before long one way or another. Innocuous questions about name stability are nowhere as bad as acute flame wars over the merits of encoding 22-letter syllabaries, Indic vowelless consonants, and the like.


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    On Tue, 1 Jun 2010, Doug Ewell wrote:
    > There already is a members-only list, for those with sufficient
    > personal means or employer support.

    I am aware of this.

    > Perhaps a better approach would be to establish a "Frequently Asked
    > Questions" list on the Unicode Web site. Oh, wait.

    By "member" I meant "list member", not "consortium member".

    I don't think that the unicode list should be used for the type of questions that have polluted it recently.

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