Titlecasing iota subscript

From: karl williamson (public@khwilliamson.com)
Date: Thu Jun 03 2010 - 10:36:43 CDT

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    The comments in SpecialCasing.txt were changed in 5.2 to include
    Titlecasing U+0345, not just uppercasing, and that confuses me. It says
    that it needs to be moved after all other marks on the preceding
    character. That makes sense to me, because it stops being a mark at
    that point, and becomes a (separate) capital iota.

    But I don't understand the titlecasing part. Is it meant, when
    titlecasing the base character the iota subscript is combined with?
    That would also make sense, but then I would think it should move and
    become a small letter iota instead, U+03B9.

    Or is it meant when the mark is in isolation, not combined with a base
    character. This can happen only after a few characters in Unicode, such
    as a newline or zero width space. And then I don't understand what
    would be done. If ordered properly, in such a situation, any marks in
    this isolation situation would already be in front of the iota
    subscript, as they all have ccc less than it. Would it then become a
    small letter iota?


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