Re: Overloading Unicode

From: Robert Abel (
Date: Sun Jun 06 2010 - 05:35:05 CDT

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    On 2010/06/05 15:38, William_J_G Overington wrote:
    > I feel that the encoding of a portable interpretable object code into
    > Unicode could be an infrastructural step forward towards great
    > possibilities for the future.
    And yet you have not managed to list a single merit of your portable,
    interpretable object code. Neither in the draft spec, which really
    didn't explain anything about what was proposed, nor on this mailing list.
    The possibility for viruses was mentioned, too. Personally I don't see
    the merits of your idea. You can exchange ASM-style code in a text file
    or binary file and interpret that within your application if you like.
    Especially you said at one point it was going to solve globalization issues:

    On 2010/06/02 11:51, William_J_G Overington wrote:
    > The portable interpretable object code is intended to be a system to
    > use to program software packages to solve problems of software
    > globalization, particularly in relation to systems that use software
    > to process text.
    I actually looked into your draft. It pretty much encodes some assembler
    commands and some basic commands for program flow. It doesn't really
    offer any insights into this either. You can draw images and text in
    most applications just fine, even specifying font and color. Besides the
    proposed putpixel method being very slow, there seems no additional
    merit to portable, interpretable object code. Indeed, it seems to create
    much overhead in any application that would incorporate it.
    The whole issue with viruses and sandboxing seems problematic at best.
    Suddenly many programs would have to skim through all text they receive
    so they don't show a big swastika when opening mail from strangers for

    It really seems you want to stretch plain text beyond what it is
    currently ― apparently with no benefit for software programmers
    whatsoever. Hence, I wouldn't want it encoded either, simply because it
    doesn't seem to be a good idea at all.


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