Questionable lines on LineBreakTest.txt

From: Masaaki Shibata (
Date: Mon Jun 07 2010 - 18:26:54 CDT

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    I'm studying the UAX #14 (5.2.0) and testing my code against
    LineBreakTest.txt. And I found some test cases on this text file seem
    to be contradictory to the rules on the document.

    For example, LB25 explicitly prohibits breaking between CP and PO,
    while LineBreakTest.txt says " [0.2] RIGHT PARENTHESIS (CP) [999.0]
    PERCENT SIGN (PO) [0.3]" (l. 1137).

    I'm not a Unicode expert; which rules lead to the result like this?
    Did I miss any important descriptions on the document?

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