Re: Hexadecimal digits

From: Luke-Jr (
Date: Tue Jun 08 2010 - 01:21:52 CDT

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    On Tuesday 08 June 2010 01:14:46 am André Szabolcs Szelp wrote:
    > BTW, this is also the main reason why decimal and SI _is_ more usable
    > than any pre-SI system, including the Imperial/English you claim to be
    > superior in several respects.

    All you've done is say "people use decimal" in long form. If one writes and
    speaks tonal, and adopts the "overall" tonal system, decimal has no
    advantage... Nystrom addresses all these common (and not so common-- even
    music!) situations in his book, with exception obviously to digital data sizes
    (bytes) which are very trivially adapted in with the rest.

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