Re: Hexadecimal digits

From: Robert Abel (
Date: Wed Jun 09 2010 - 13:16:00 CDT

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    On 2010/06/09 18:16, John Dlugosz wrote:
    > That reads like an argument _for_ having separate encoding for hex digits. Then I could use those rather than markup to make hex numbers look good in the surrounding text. What argument applies to 0 that doesn't apply to A ?
    I think my argument holds. You will usually find the following
    description of hexadecimal notation: Hexadecimal digits include the
    numbers 0 through 9 and the *letters* A through F (and/or a through f
    respectively). Sometimes it will even say that hexadecimal digits 10
    through 15 are *represented* by *letters* A through F (and/or a through
    f respectively).

    This actually happens the way I first thought about them and still think
    about them. They keep their letter identity and are therefore not
    different [digit] characters.

    Quick google finds:

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