Re: CJK Ideograph Fragments

From: Uriah Eisenstein (
Date: Thu Jun 10 2010 - 17:04:03 CDT

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    2010/5/14 John H. Jenkins <>

    > You mean like the CJK strokes? Yes. *However* the UTC will want to see
    > evidence of actual use (e.g., in an implementation of the PUA).
    > Regarding that - do you think such evidence would be required for each
    proposed fragment separately? The WenLin institute employs the PUA for
    unencoded components, and there are probably others defining them by some
    method, but there could well be fragments which happen not to be used for
    some reason. If the general idea of encoding fragments is accepted, along
    with fragments already in use in other projects, would it be reasonable to
    suggest additional fragments by listing the characters in which they appear?


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