Re: Writing a proposal for an unusual script: SignWriting

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Sun Jun 13 2010 - 15:56:15 CDT

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    On 11 Jun 2010, at 21:39, steve wrote:

    > I'm working on a character encoding model for SignWriting. I just
    > finished the 3rd major revision.
    > The character encoding model is called Binary SignWriting and is
    > documented online:
    > All of the graphemes of the script are documented and encoded.
    > I was hoping to start on the Unicode Proposal in the near future.
    > Any suggestions, comments or discussion is welcome.

    Having had a brief look, my impression is that for a Unicode encoding,
    it seems you need the ISWA characters in the second link above, plus
    all the abstract characters in at the bottom of the first link, under
    the table column "Name", starting with "SignBox Marker", and on to the
    second table below.

    Assuming that these are sufficient for representing a SignWriting, the
    rest follows automatically if one simply assigns Unicode character
    numbers (code points) to these abstract characters. The encodings,
    like UTF-8, etc. will convert such abstract character sequences to
    suitable binary form.

    The rules of combining such abstract character sequences into legal
    symbols may or may not belong to Unicode. If they are not, the
    situation is similar to the formation of natural language words from
    Unicode characters. Unicode does not guarantee that a character
    sequence will be a legal word. This would be simplest to implement
    into Unicode. It would then be up to the editor to figure out if a
    sequence is a legal sequence.


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