RE: Writing a proposal for an unusual script: SignWriting

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Jun 21 2010 - 18:24:04 CDT

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    > De : "Deborah W. Anderson" <>
    > (Note: I did discover a SignWriting Markup Language:, but the links don't seem to be working.)

    It is working, providing that you remove the appended punctuation
    (comma) next to the URL:

    Then there's a no longer link to the SWML specification page, but I
    found a copy of a draft example there on another domain:

    Also an archived version of the same page, rendered in a PDF:

    The "SWML initiative" website (on the domain), containing the
    draft SSS-SVG reference file that assigns an SVG symbol for each
    SignWriting symbol:
    as well as the DTD of the SWML schema itself:
    seems to be dead and without any known mirror or archive.

    You may try to infer the schema from the given example, but I'm not
    sure that it effectively transposes all the layout features needed and
    stabilized now in the current SignWriting project, because this draft
    document seems to be very old.

    May be you'll want to contact the admins of the UCPEL university
    website, but i've not been able to navigate easily everywhere I wanted
    to go on their website, due to their broken Javascript-based dynamic
    menus (that don't display in the correct position and don't let me
    click on their options). Their "Research Projects" section anyway
    seems to be completely empty now. The website is indexed by Google,
    but Google gives no other pages about SWML.

    The UCPEL website seems to be now almost enterily formal and
    administrative, and all contents previously created by their students
    or doctorants in labs for communicating directly about their projects
    (and previously hosted on subdomains) are now offline and available
    only from the University intranet, possibly because of security and
    legal reasons (such as lack of dedicated personel or contractor for
    the management and cleanup of incoming infection attacks, or risks of
    illegal hosting for pirated or unlicenced copyrighted contents).



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