Re: Using Javascript to Detect Script Support in a Browser

From: Andrew Cunningham (
Date: Mon Jun 21 2010 - 23:17:01 CDT

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    hi Ed,

    On 22 June 2010 11:51, Ed Trager <> wrote:
    > Thanks, Andrew!  I like Keith's approach.
    > I have been looking at Lanna a little bit and I am not sure if *any*
    > OS shaper currently really has fully implemented correct shaping
    > support for Lanna?  In any event, Lanna is quite similar to Myanmar,
    > so Keith's approach could be used very successfully.

    since there are no specific guidance for developing Lanna or Myanmar
    OpenType fonts, I assume that Lanna fonts have developed using some of
    the more generic OpenType features much like Myanmar and thus should
    shape correctly on the same platforms as Myanmar Unicode fonts do.

    I guess the key issue is who your target audience are and what is the
    oldest OS versions likely to be used on your site?

    Out of curiosity, which OpenType fonts are you using for Lanna?

    When experimenting with Myanmar web fonts, I made one big mistake,
    relied on some of the web based tools for generating web fonts, which
    broke the complex rendering. Best to generate the web fonts form
    available command line tools.

    > It might be interesting to see if Keith's approach can be generalized
    > a bit to detect whether correct rendering is available for a number of
    > those related S and SE Asian scripts: Myanmar, Lanna, Khmer, Kannada,
    > etc.

    should be possible.

    Andrew Cunningham
    Senior Project Manager, Research and Development
    State Library of Victoria

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