Front of pack nutrition labelling of food

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Date: Mon Jun 28 2010 - 02:24:43 CDT

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    Some readers might like to know of the following document.

    My idea about using shape as well as colour is included on page 29.
    The page from which the document is linked is as follows.

    There is Unicode involved in this as there is also a font and a typecase_ pdf for the symbols.

    The font includes glyphs for three shapes from the Geometric Shapes range.

    In the Unicode chart the three shapes each have the word BLACK in their name.
    The font also includes the same glyphs mapped to the positions normally used for r, g, o, y as well, for convenience when using some graphics packages.
    The font also includes glyphs for the alphabet A..Z so that the font can conveniently be used in those graphics packages that show the name of each font using glyphs from the font itself.
    William Overington
    28 June 2010

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