Re: Indian Rupee Sign to be chosen today

From: Andreas Prilop (
Date: Mon Jun 28 2010 - 11:44:59 CDT

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    Full-quoting upside-down, Mark Davis wrote:

    > What I'm guessing is that message was sent in Latin-15,
    > which can't be reliably distinguished from Latin-1.

    How come that all browsers show a euro sign at

    I tell you the secret:
    It is the "charset" parameter, which is now 18 (eighteen!) years old.
    Only Mark Davis and inept Google programmers still don't get it
    even in the year 2010.

    But it not just the euro sign. Here is the Greek alphabet:


    I post this message also to <news:uk.test> so that others
    can view at
    what Google makes out of it.

    Nearly all messages from
    are correctly treated as ISO-8859-2.

    Only my message
    is treated as ISO-8859-1. Why?

    It seems that the silly Google "algorithm" checks whether a poster
    writes from Poland or from Germany. is now infamous in Germany for fucking up special characters.
    Just one example is
    All umlauts are fucked up by Google.

    I do call this brain-dead.

    I call it brain-dead to ignore the charset parameter and
    to make silly guesses instead.

    Inept programmers are not fired by Google;
    they must work at

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